Tips on Globalization
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A business can be a success locally and have a strong local following but stretching that business further with the globalization of business can take it to another level. Business globalization, also referred to as international business, refers to the increased mobility of goods, services, technology, and capital throughout the world, goods and services created in one location are more commonly being found throughout the world.

People around the world are more connected than they ever have been before and information and money move from place to place, and country to country quickly. International travel and international communication is all becoming somewhat common. This trend is referred to as globalization.

When considering globalization of a business you will need to have lots of information about the marketplace you are considering. You want to be sure you target areas that will have a market for your niche. Beware of translation tools that you use as you research. If you are concerned about language barriers you can simply target other countries where English is the primary language.

Other than translation and language factors you will also want to familiarize yourself with the laws, culture, society, and any other constraints that might conflict with your business. The main principals of business will stay the same, but how they are carried out, their complexities, and their intensity may vary quite a bit from one country to another. You will need to be prepared to integrate these international considerations in your thinking, planning, and decision making.

As you begin ask yourself these questions:

  • • How do my goods or services fit into an international marketplace?
  • • Should I take part in the market through trade or investment?
  • • Will my supplies come from a domestic supplier or internationally?
  • • Will my product fit the international market as is or are adjustments needed?
  • • Are there global competitors? If so how will I handle them?

Financial issues often come into play when a business considers going global. They can help to improve their financial situation by:

  • • Scheduling conference calls or video conferences instead of traveling to meet with clients or partners
  • • Using electronic invoice and payment methods
  • • Storing data and communicating electronically rather than on paper

When these questions are taken into consideration and technology is used to improve the financial condition of the business you will be off to a good start in your globalization.